watching n reading
The Bourne Identity

A great movie but compared to the second and third entries, it’s pretty stiff.


A perfectly nice movie. Good performances.
Guys, that Catholic church did some fucking nasty shit, huh?

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Third act felt sort of rushed. But it was a really competent follow-up to a really (overly-)competent summer blockbuster.
The mo-cap work still looks great. The human cast is solid. A good time to have in a theatre in the summer, guys.

Old Boy (2013)

A deeply weird film. Sean Bobbit makes it look so lurid and pulpy.
Brolin, a fine actor, is not quite up to snuff with a lot of the acting work he’s asked to do. Other than glower, he’s a little silly.
Sharlto Copley plays a supremely strange dandy with really distracting affectations.

SPOILER ALERT, MAYBE?: The flashback where Copley explains his fathers rampage is bonkers. Like, perverse.

Edge of Tomorrow

I know that it’s based on a Japanese comic book but I so enjoy seeing a really big budget movie that’s not a sequel or based on a known property. (It still confounds me about the Inception haters. I’m not saying the movie is perfect but it’s a HUGE ORIGINAL movie. That means something!)
Anyway, I’m an unabashed TC fan. I think he does killer work in this film. I love the creature and equipment design. Emily Blunt is a great action actor.
Wasn’t crazy about the third act since it felt a little too rote. But I had a great time with this movie.

They Came Together

Has a bunch of great laughs and solid gags but does feel strangely compromised. But I presume that’s a result of a not-huge budget.
Max Greenfield might have been my favourite performer in the film. I don’t watch New Girl but I may have to start.

Tuesday After Christmas

What a bummer.
Doesn’t paint anybody as a ‘bad guy’. Just throws the characters in a situation none of them really wants to be in. Trying to do as little damage as possible.

22 Jump Street

A couple really solid chuckle-bits but not as funny as the original. And making the film a joke about how it’s a sequel and rehashing the first film isn’t very funny after a while.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

So underwhelming.

Enough Said

Nicole H. is such a lovely writer/director. She doesn’t write villains, only obstacles. Gandolfini is so understated and gentle, JLD is so vulnerable and human.
Nice time.