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The 50 Year Argument

Prrrrrrretty dry. Not bad but very dry.

The Guest

To me, a colossal disappointment from You’re Next. Started strong, love the score and soundtrack. But it seemed so damn pleased with itself. The homage was laid on so thick that it seemed camp. If it was played a little more seriously, I would’ve liked it so much more.


DGG had a banner year last year with Prince Avalanche and Joe. Avalanche demonstrated his capacity as a deft light comedic director. And Joe demonstrated his capactity to mix heavy drama with weirdo, absurdist touches. Joe especially pleased with one of the stronger Cage performances in such a long time.
Pacino’s performance isn’t as scenery-chewing as he’s been (rightly) accused of delivering over recent years. It’s a little more restrained. But I hesitate to call it ‘great’.
Harmony Korine, however, is the Danny McBride of this joint. No small praise.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Tons of charm, lovely goofy stuff, nice movie. I wish I saw it earlier because I think I was expecting a much better movie based on the buzz. But I didn’t waste my money.

The Duke of Burgundy

Go see this in a theatre. I’m not saying it’s good or bad but it needs to be seen in a theatre.


I feel like I can’t give an accurate review of this movie because I almost fell asleep for maybe 15-20 minutes during a P+I screening. I was very tired and it was early-ish so shut up. What I saw was great. But I was vaguely unconscious for too long a stretch to feel like I saw the whole thing. Shame on me, I know.

Tales of the Grim Sleeper

Such a profoundly depressing film. Did Lonnie kill all those women? Probably. Did the LAPD give a single fuck while all these black hookers were dying? Doesn’t look like it. Broomfield is a divisive filmmaker but this case is pretty bonkers. Would love to see a slightly stronger take on the material, something a little bigger.


Still percolating on this one. It’s really beautifully directed. I can’t tell if Carrel’s performance is revelatory or really hammy. I’m having a lot of difficulty with it.


A really assured film. Performance-wise, I didn’t find anybody that stood out, apart from a young actor near the beginning of the movie. It coulda been maybe 10-15 minutes shorter but it’s still really impressive.


Found it SOOOOOOOOPER boring.